We provide dedicated tree trimming services in Belton, TX

Tree trimming is essential to keeping trees in good shape. The experts at Jimenez Tree Service & Landscaping can cut away injured or dying parts of your trees to make way for new growth. We can also trim back limbs that are starting to encroach on the boundaries of your house.

When we work on a tree, we'll take note of anything that might need to be removed in the future. We consider the long-term growth of your tree, not just the present conditions.

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Call Jimenez Tree Service & Landscaping for tree pruning

Tree pruning can keep your trees healthy and growing strong. We'll check the branches to make sure they're growing in the proper direction and not toward power lines or your roof.

Tree pruning can:

  • Improve tree health
  • Keep your home safe
  • Regulate tree growth
  • Maintain a tree's natural shape
  • Stimulate or restrict growth

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